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Facing Circumcision  Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
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     They Cut Babies, Don't They?  
One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
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Circumcision Exposed:
Rethinking a Medical
and Cultural Tradition

by Billy Ray Boyd

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They Cut Babies, Don't They?
one man's struggle against circumcision

A 30 minute color video documentary by
Canadian filmmaker Nigel Hunt.
©1998 Garrison Creek Productions

circumcision videos - they cut babies, don't they?


Controversy over circumcision is growing.

Even though medical associations have pronounced circumcision unnecessary, a newborn boy is circumcised every 26 seconds in the U.S. alone. Circumcision is starting to be recognized as a long neglected human rights issue.

Research has shown the function and erogenous qualities of the foreskin as well as the harm done by circumcision.

circumcision videos - they cut babies, don't they?

circumcision videos - they cut babies, don't they?
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In this documentary, anti-circumcision activist James Loewen revisits the damage done to his own body and protests the pain caused to countless babies worldwide. As one of a growing number of men angered by his own circumcision, James documents anti-circumcision protests, created a series of satirical photographs about doctors who circumcise, lobbied politicians, and chalked slogans on busy sidewalks. He is also one of a growing number of men determined to "undo" their own circumcision by following an age-old skin expansion technique. For James, as for other men, this is a way to recover ownership of his own body and restore a sense of wholeness.

James is a gay man living with HIV. Also interviewed are other restoring men and a transexual man who share their perspectives on this important issue of human rights.

Contains brief nudity in foreskin restoration scenes.


  Sao Paulo International Film Festival - October, 1999 (Sao Paulo/Brazil)
  8th Interdisciplinary Conference on Male Victimization - October, 1999 (Vancouver, BC/Canada)
  Grassroots Film & Video Festival - October, 1999 (Austin, Texas/USA)
  International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival - April, 1999 (Turin/Italy)
  Melbourne Queer Film & Video Festival - March, 1999 (Melbourne/Australia)

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